Appium Studio for Eclipse

In this post, we will learn how to install Appium studio eclipse plugin.
Appium Studio allows you to easily develop, execute, analyze and debug your tests on remote physical devices located in the SeeTest Digital Assurance Lab. It’s perfect for End-to-end mobile test automation from Eclipse.

Digital Assurance Lab

If you already have a Digital Assurance Lab account you can use it, or you can Register to the Digital Assurance lab for free, and access hundreds of browsers and mobile devices. Digital Assurance Lab is a SaaS productivity tool that allows you to manage your testing assets in centralized server.  The lab has access to hundreds of browsers & mobile devices; both physical as well as emulated ones hosted in Experitest data centers. You can access the lab from anywhere at anytime 24/7. The SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform provides a robust and high performance testing solution for mobile device and browser applications.

Let’s see the steps to install Appium Studio.

Steps to Install

Launch Eclipse Marketplace

Help >> Eclipse Marketplace…

Query Eclipse market place with search terms as shown in the picture:

Experitest or Appium Studio


Click on Install button to install the plugin.

Read and Accept the EXPERITEST SeeTest Software license.

Click on the ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement’ option.

Click on the Finish button to install the plugin.

Eclipse would prompt for Restart dialog. Restart Eclipse to apply the changes.

Click on Restart Now button in the prompt dialog window.

Appuim Studio Features

Perform test development, automation project development, and test execution on remote devices in the Digital Device Lab with a single tool with rich views and editors fully embedded in Eclipse for digital test automation.

Immediate visual feedback
Easily create robust and maintainable tests with a dynamic device reflection that provides immediate visual feedback on all actions.

Powerful object identification
Enjoy powerful object identification and management, that identify objects by their native/web properties.

Create stable automation
Leverage pre-configured Eclipse project framework assets for mobile including code snippets, properties & configuration files to reduce errors and easily create stable projects.

Maximize your test coverage rates
Achieve high coverage rates by testing outside of your app and 3rd party integrations for complex use cases such as code scanning or fingerprint authentication. Guaranteed rapid version and beta support.

Seamlessly integrate with any testing & CI environment
Create Appium and Selenium test automation, and integrate with any continuous integration environment to trigger continuous testing as part of the CI process.

Parallel test execution
Intelligent grid execution management allows you to see executions in the real-time view of all executions. Dynamically schedule tests, executions, and distribution. Run multiple CI projects in multiple applications.


Register to the Digital Assurance lab for free. You can signup for Experitest lab with your corporate email address at:

and start testing mobile and web applications on the cloud!

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