Configuring Jenkins

In this post, we will learn simple configuration steps of Jenkins. To start with navigate to Jenkins dashboard. Login to default Jenkins home page ( http://localost:8080)


Click on the Manage Jenkins link on the dashboard.



Click on the Configuring System link at the top of the page. This will take you to Jenkins’s main configuration page.


You can configure global settings and paths on this page.

Configuring JDK

Click on Global Tool Configuration link to configure and Add JDK.

Click on the Add JDK button in the JDK section to add and configure JDK.

If you have a Java JDK already installed on your machine, you can provide the name and path to your JDK in the JAVA_HOME field.Uncheck the Install automatically checkbox. Save the changes by hitting the Save button.

Configuring Maven

Jenkins provides several options for configuring Maven. If you already have Maven installed on your machine, you can provide the name and path in the MAVEN_HOME. Uncheck Install automatically checkbox. Click on Save button to save the settings as shown below.



Alternatively, you can install a Maven distribution by extracting a zip file located in a shared directory, or install from Apache by choosing a version in the drop down.


To explore the options check the checkbox Install automatically and click on Add Installer drop down.

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