Installing Jenkins Tool

Jenkins is a popular continuous integration (CI) server. It is used to setup testing environment to run unattended automation tests. CI server creates builds and run tests frequently on daily basis. The Jenkins project produces two release lines, LTS and weekly.

Download Jenkins

Navigate to the following url to download Jenkins. In this post, we will install Jenkins on Windows.


Extract the file and click on the installer.

Install Jenkins

Click on the Next button.



Click Next to install Jenkins in the default path. Click on Change button to change the destination folder.


Once the installation is over. Click on Finish button.

Navigate to http://localhost:8080 to open Jenkins default web page.

Unlock Jenkins

To ensure Jenkins is securely set up by the administrator, a password has been written to the log. Copy the password and paste it to unlock Jenkins.


Customize Jenkins tool, by installing necessary plugins. Plugins extend Jenkins with features to support different needs. As shown in below screen, all the suggested plugins are installed.


Create First Admin User and continue to Jenkins dashboard.You can provide or use the default jenkins url.

Instance Configuration

The Jenkins URL is used to provide the root URL for absolute links to various Jenkins resources.

Once you click on Save and Finish button. Jenkins setup is complete and Jenkins is ready.

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