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Windows 11 Features


In this post, let’s sneak a peek at some of the new Windows 11 Features. The official Microsoft page provides the set of minimum system requirements for the Windows 11 operating system.

Windows 11 Features

New Look & Feel

Windows 11 comes with a glossy new interface and widgets. The Start Menu now has grid of pinned application icons. The flat Live Tiles would be removed in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Start Screen


Windows 11 enhances the user’s multitasking capabilities with Snap layouts. The Start button and the Taskbar are now center-aligned by default. The desktop can be personalized with New themes and glossy colors.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a group chat and video calling Software. Anyone can engage with and connect with family members, friends, and colleagues to work together on a project.



New Widgets

Applications like Calendar, News, Weather, Sports and Stock leader board, etc can be added as Widgets.


Notifications use the intuitive  split notifications with buttons to take actions on the notifications.


Snap Layouts

Snap Layouts is a multi-tasking feature that allows user to resize and rearrange windows on the screen. Hover the mouse on the maximize button on the window to see the snap layouts.



Choose a layout and resize windows as per the layout.


New Windows Store

Windows 11 would feature new application store with new improvements and support to Android Apps. Android Apps listed on the Windows Store can be downloaded using Amazon Appstore.




Windows 11 Virtual Machine:

Steps to create a Virtual Machine with Windows 11 Preview Build.

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