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Agile User Story


In this post, we will learn about Agile user story and the format or template of the user story. Steps to create a user story in Jira Software. Common myths about user stories.

User story

A User Story is a small, independent behavior that can be implemented incrementally, and provides some value to the user. To ensure incremental development each story is split as necessary so they can be completed within the sprint.

User Story Format

As a <role/service>

I want <activity / ask/ desire  >

So that, <Business value /  Benefit >


As a user, 
I want to add Products to the Shopping cart
So that, I can finalize the products to buy and check the Total bill.

Good User Story

A good user story format should have a Title, be Narrative, and should have an Acceptance Criteria. The team should constantly be guided through development with the user in mind. Who is using the system, what are they using the system for, why are they doing it and what is the benefit or business value for them.

Creating a Story in Jira

Select the Issue Type as Story.


Common Myths

Some common myths about user stories people often misunderstand about user stories. User stories are NOT as these common myths below.


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