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Create a Macro Function in MS Excel


In this tutorial, we will learn the steps involved to Create a Macro Function in an MS Excel document. Macros are disabled by default due to security reasons. We need to save the Excel Workbook with macros in it with the Macro-enables Save option.

Create a Macro Function

Open Start Menu and click the Excel application icon.

Open an Excel Document. Click the Blank workbook option.

This will open a new blank Excel workbook.



Click on the Developer tab. ->> Macros button in the Developer ribbon menu.

In case, if the Developer tab is not present in the menu. Follow the steps outlined here:

We can find the Macros button in the Developer ribbon.



Enter the Macro name. Click on the Create button to create the macro.

Choose the scope of the Macro:

We will create a macro function to print “Hello World”. The macro name is MyFirstMacro()

Add the following simple macro code:

Function MyFirstMacro()
MyFirstMacro = "Hello World"
End Function


Invoke the Macro

In the Excel sheet, Choose a cell to call the macro function. Start typing the function name.



Excel would prompt with the function. Select it.




That’s it. A successful macro would print the Hello World message in the excel sheet cell.

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