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Create a Snapshot of Virtual Machine


In this tutorial, we will go through the steps involved to create a Snapshot of Virtual Machine using the VMWare Workstation application. A snapshot captures the state of the Virtual machine and all the system files, folders, applications of the Guest operating systems are backed up.


We will capture the snapshot of the Ubuntu VM in this tutorial.

Take a Snapshot



Choose VM >> Snapshot >> Take Snapshot…


Snapshot details

Enter the snapshot details and description and click on the ‘Take Snapshot’ button to create a snapshot of the Virtual machine. This information helps us to identify the snapshot main goal so that this information may be used while reverting to a particular snapshot.


Snapshot Manager

Snapshot manager helps to manage the snapshots of the Virtual machine. We can revert to an older snapshot and move forward using this tool.



The following functions can be performed using the snapshot manager tool:


Sample Use case

A sample use case using snapshots is while performing repetitive testing or reproducing a particular scenario.


For example, clean Windows 10 snapshot taken after the installation of the Windows 10 operating system on the virtual machine.

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