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Database Modeling


In this tutorial, we will learn about Database Modeling. Prior to building the actual database, we should spend time modeling the database structure. This process of specifying the table/data structure
is based upon the specific type and use of the data that it will contain. The most commonly used model for relational database design is the Entity-Relational Model (ERM).

The Entity-Relationship Model

Database Diagrams

There are multiple types of database diagrams used at different stages of modeling:

Structure Diagram

In order to better visualize the hierarchy of a database, a structure diagram can be used to organize the data into logical groups.

Cardinality Diagram

A cardinality diagram indicates the relationships between the database tables. The relationships are depicted using lines drawn from one table to another and a symbol at each end that defines the type.

ER Diagram

Database entities and relationships between the entities are the basic building blocks of this diagram.

ERD relationship notation symbols:

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