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Electronic Mail(E-mail)


Electronic Mail( or simply E-mail) is a paperless method of sending messages, notes, or letters from one person to another or even many people at the same time via the Internet. E-mail messages usually take only a few seconds to arrive at their destination.

E-mail Address

As in the case of a normal mail system, e-mail is also based upon the concept of a recipient address. The email address provides all of the information required to get a message to the recipient from anywhere in the world.

Consider the e-mail ID.

In the example above, “notifications” is the local part, which is the name of a mailbox on the destination computer, where finally the mail will be delivered. It is also called the username. Gmail is the mail server where the mailbox “notifications” exist, and .com is the type of organization on the net, which is hosting the mail server.

Email Folders


Advantages of E-mail

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