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Features of Raptor Flowchart


RAPTOR is a flowchart-based programming environment which is designed to help students to visualize the algorithms. Some of the features of the RAPTOR flowchart are as follows:

Features of RAPTOR


Free tool

RAPTOR is free and open-source tool. The flowchart tool is helpful for students, beginners who are learning programming, logic ,algorithm visualization and design etc.

Easy to use

It is easy to build flowchart using the RAPTOR tool. Drag and drop the flowchart symbols from the Symbols tab to the workspace area.


Flowchart Modes

RAPTOR supports multiple modes for beginners as well as experts.The supported RAPTOR flowchart modes are as follows:


Code generation

RAPTOR flowcharts can generate code in various programming languages. The flowchart can be converted to code in the supported languages. The support languages for the code generation are as follows:





Debug Flowcharts

RAPTOR tool allows us to add breakpoints to the flowchart. The RAPTOR flowchart execution halts at the break-point. We can analyze the variables and Console windows to debug the flowchart.


Test Server

RAPTOR provides the ability for students to test their flowcharts against a test server.

UML class diagrams

In object-oriented mode, the RAPTOR tool can be used to create UML class diagrams for object-oriented programs that involve multiples classes. UML class diagrams show the relationships among the classes like Inheritance, Composition, etc.


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