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File Transfer Protocol( FTP )


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a computer network. FTP operates on the Application Layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) network model. The files can be text, photos, videos, or any other format.

File transfer is a term used for transmitting files over a computer network such as the Internet. Computers that provide a file transfer service are called file servers.

Client-Server Protocol

FTP is built on client-server architecture, where a client initiates the transfer of files and a server provides the resources for file storage and retrieval.

FTP uses separate control and data connections between the FTP client and the FTP server. The control connections are used to transmit the information required to establish the connection, while the data connection is used to transport the actual files.

FTP Client

FTP client is a program running on the computer system that enables you to upload or download from the remote computer.  The FTP client takes FTP commands and sends them as requests for information from the remote computer known as the FTP server.

File Transfer Protocol is an Internet protocol used to upload and download files. It gives access to directories or folders on remote computers and allows software, data, and documents to be transferred between different kinds of computers.

FTP operations

FTP allows users to transfer files in both directions, from the client to the server (upload) and from the server to the client (download). For both, upload and download operations, FTP uses a certain set of rules.

Upload operation means sending data and files from a local computer to a remote system such as a server so that the remote system can store a copy of the data being transferred.

The download operation means receiving data from a remote system to a local system.

FTP is mainly used for file transfer over the Internet. It is often used to upload and download files, and documents from a development machine to a public web hosting server.

For example, you can use FTP to upload files from your Windows PC to a Linux-based cPanel hosting server using an FTP account on the server.

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