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Google Kubernetes Introduction


The main aim of this tutorial is to give a brief overview of Google Kubernetes. Google Kubernetes is a popular Linux-based open-source container orchestration tool that distributes container workloads on cluster computing. It is a system to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications. Kubernetes is distributed and provides a scalable infrastructure for developers.

The word is based on the Greek word that means helmsman or pilot. Kubernetes is sometimes referred to as ‘K8s’ with the 8 number of letters between the ‘K’ and the ‘s’ alphabets. Google open-sourced the project in 2014.


K8s is widely used for developing Microservices. Microservice is an architectural pattern that helps developers to break down a monolithic application into small and independent services. Apps that are built using monolithic architecture, are difficult to manage and maintain.

Cloud Provider Support

Major cloud providers like Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure provide Kubernetes containers to deploy software packages and apps.

Official Website

For more information on Kubernetes, visit the official website at:

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