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In-Built Graphical Demo Programs in MATLAB


In this tutorial, we will learn some in-built graphical demo programs in MATLAB. The commands to launch the demo programs from the Command window prompt.

GUI Game: xpbombs

xpbombs is a minesweeper game. The game has hidden bombs in the mine field. We need to uncover the bombs without exploding the bombs.

To launch the game, type in the following command in the command window prompt:

>> xpbombs



Lorenz Attractor

The demo 3-D plots the Lorenz chaotic attractor. The demo displays a point
moving in 3D space. To launch the demo, type :

>> lorenz


Traveling Salesman Problem

The demo displays the animation for the traveling salesman problem. The solution is to travel all the cities in shortest distance.

To launch the demo, type in the command window prompt:

>> travel


To learn more about each program, click on the Info button.


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