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JBehave Framework Tutorial


JBehave Framework Tutorial: It is a framework for Behavior Driven Development. BDD is an evolution of test-driven development (TDD). It shifts the vocabulary from being test-based to behavior-based.

The paradigm of working with JBehave is as follows:



Overview of the JBehave framework with key steps involved.


BDD is practiced with automation tools like JBehave, Cucumber, Jasmine, etc

JBehave Plugins

Install Eclipse Plugin

Steps to install JBehave Eclipse Plugin.

Install IntelliJ Plugin

Steps to install JBehave IntelliJ Plugin.

JBehave Annotations

JBehave supports many annotations,  we will discuss some most commonly used annotations here.

Automation Story

Writing Simple JBehave Story

Step Class

Writing Step Class for a JBehave Story: The easiest way to create the step class with a dummy skeleton is from the story itself.

Configure Stories

Learn how to configure JBehave Stories

Run Stories

JUnitStory is a JUnit runnable entry-point to run a single story specified by an Embeddable class.

Serenity BDD Framework


For more details on the JBehave framework, visit the official JBehave website at:

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