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Kotlin Environment Setup


Let’s see the steps to set up the Kotlin compiler on Windows in this tutorial. To set up a command-line environment for Kotlin, you can follow the below steps:

Download and Install JDK

Before installing Kotlin, it is necessary to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) and set the path in the local system environment variable since Kotlin runs on the Java Virtual Machine.

Setting up the Java environment to download and install the JDK(Java Development Kit) and JRE in your system and set the path in the environment variable. Kotlin runs on the Java virtual machine, it requires the JDK to be installed on the computer. The latest version can be downloaded from Oracle’s official website.

Download Kotlin compiler

Download the Kotlin compiler:

You can download the latest version of the Kotlin compiler from the official Kotlin Github releases. Download the latest Kotlin compiler archive .zip file on Windows.


To set up the Kotlin compiler for the command line, follow these steps:

Set up the environment variable:

Add the path of the Kotlin compiler to the PATH environment variable. This allows you to run Kotlin commands from anywhere in the command line.



Verify the install

To confirm that the Kotlin compiler has been installed correctly. To verify the installation, open the command and prompt and type kotlin.


Installing the command-line compiler is not an essential step to use Kotlin. The general approach to developing Kotlin applications is using an IDE like IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio. An IDE tool provides full Kotlin support out of the box without installing additional components.

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