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Open Source ERP Software


Let’s examine some of the open-source ERP Software in this article. Open-source software helps SMBs( Small and medium Businesses), Freelancers, and Foundations with free software, thus reducing ERP project implementation and budget costs.


Dolibarr is an Open Source ERP Software(Enterprise Resource Planning. It is also a CRM Software( Customer Relations Management Dolibarr was initially released in 2003 under GNU GPL license. Dolibarr is easy to use ERP & CRM tool for businesses.

Official website:



Odoo is one of the most popular ERP& CRM system. Odoo ships in two editions:

Odoo Community Edition is free and open source ERP system.

Official website:


webERP is open source ERP tool. It is a complete web based ERP system that requires only a web browser to use. It has a wide range of features suitable for many businesses.

Official website:

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