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OpenAI API Usage Monitoring

OpenAI API Usage Monitoring

In this tutorial, we will learn about monitoring OpenAI API usage. Monitoring API usage is important for managing costs, ensuring efficient resource use, and adhering to rate limits and quotas.

API Usage Monitoring

OpenAI provides an API Dashboard that helps users track and manage their API usage. The steps to access the dashboard are as follows:

Usage Dashboard

The Usage Dashboard has two toggle buttons.

Cost tab

The API dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of usage statistics, including the monthly spend, number of API requests, cost associated with your API usage, etc.

Information on Credit Grants Used and Expired is displayed on this page.

This page shows usage graphs for the AI model( for example, GPT-4 Turbo) and Assistants API.

Monthly Bill

Billing Information provides detailed billing information, enabling you to track costs over time and identify any spikes in usage or unexpected charges.

Option to Increase limit, Export API data, etc.

Activity tab

The activity tab displays the API requests, tokens used for different products and AI models like:


Usage statistics are displayed like:

OpenAI API Tutorials

OpenAI tutorials on this website can be found at:

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