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Python IDLE Tool


Let’s explore the Python IDLE tool in this tutorial. IDLE is an acronym for Integrated Development and Learning Environment.

Python IDLE Tool

IDLE is an IDE for the Python language. It is available for free, easy to use, portable, and automatically installed on most OS platforms.

IDLE is a Python program that uses the standard GUI Toolkit library Tkinter, making IDLE portable. You’ll need to have Tkinter support in your Python to use IDLE.  The Windows version of Python has this support by default.

To start the IDLE interactive shell, search for the IDLE icon in the Start Menu and double-click on the IDLE App. This will open IDLE, where we can write Python code and execute it.

IDLE Features

IDLE is a tool that allows you to run single Python statements. We can also create, edit, and run Python scripts. It comes with a comprehensive text editor that includes features like:

Additionally, IDLE has a debugger with stepping and breakpoint features to help you identify and fix errors in your Python code. Writing, testing, and running Python code in IDLE is very simple.

Python Tutorials

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