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Ransomware Protection on Windows 11


In this tutorial, we will learn the steps involved in safeguarding and protecting files against threats like ransomware attacks on a Windows 11 PC. Steps to enable Ransomware Protection on the PC. Ransomware attacks infect the device, and the attacker blocks access to files and devices until the victim pays the ransom.

Enable Windows Security Settings

Click on the Search icon in the Taskbar and Search for ‘Windows Security’.

Launch the Windows Security App on the Windows 11 machine.

Click on the Virus & Threat protection.



Click on the Manage ransomware protection link.


Enable Controlled folder Access

Toggle the Controlled folder access to ON

Protected Folders

Add important files to protected folders.


Setup OneDrive Integration for files backup and recovery. Backup important files and Folders to OneDrive cloud.

Additional Safeguard

We can encrypt the entire disk contents with BitLocker Drive encryption. Check out how to enable BitLocker on Windows 11 machine in the below link.


Protect your files and folders from unauthorized access with BitLocker Drive Encryption.


Control Panel >> All Control Panel Items >> BitLocker Drive Encryption

Note that to enable BitLocker the system should have TPM( Trusted Platform Module)  1.2 or later.

Detailed Steps to Enable BitLocker

More Information on BitLocker:

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