Raptor Introduction


RAPTOR is a simple problem-solving flowchart interpreter visual tool that enables students to generate executable flowcharts. RAPTOR stands for Rapid Algorithmic Prototyping Tool for Ordered Reasoning. (RAPTOR). The tool is developed using C# and A# programming languages.

Technically, A RAPTOR Flowchart is a connected directed graph of RAPTOR symbols to visually show the program flow of control.

Features of Raptor Tool

Download RAPTOR

We can download the tool using the official website. Website of the Raptor flowchart tool is: https://raptor.martincarlisle.com



The latest current stable release of the tool is: 4.1.x

Raptor Latest Version


For  older versions and Portable version of Raptor, see the other versions section on the website.


RAPTOR Versions


Install RAPTOR

Install instructions to Install RAPTOR on Windows can be found here:




Raptor tool UI

Raptor Tool UI