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Software Testing Questions

In this post, we will look at some basic software testing interview questions frequently asked in testing interviews to Freshers and Beginners.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process of validating & verifying that application, meets its requirements and is working as expected. It is a process of uncovering bugs in the software application. It builds confidence in stakeholders. Also, different software development models focus on the test effort at different points in the development process.  Furthermore, software testing cannot establish that an application works properly under all conditions.


What is Debugging?

Debugging is identifying, isolating, and fixing the bugs. Mainly developers conduct debugging as part of the development phase or while fixing the reported defects. Performing debugging during development and code reviews is NOT sufficient for the quality of the application. In addition, debugging during the coding phase wouldn’t replace the need for software testing.


What is Automation testing?

Automation testing involves the automation of the manual testing process. Automation testing is quick and reliable. Repeated tests are the best candidates for automation testing. Also, it increases test coverage, accuracy, saves time, and money when compared to manual testing. Furthermore, automation testing makes it easy to control the execution of tests, comparison of actual result/expected results, and reporting functions.

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