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Start Tomcat Server on Windows


Let’s learn how to start a Tomcat server on Windows operating system in this tutorial. There are multiple ways to start the server on the Windows platform.

Initial Launch

When we install the Tomcat server using the Windows installer, we can start the Tomcat server through the install screen. We can find this option on the last finish screen of the Apache Tomcat Setup wizard screen.

Check the checkbox option Run Apache Tomcat to start the server.

Tomcat Service

Launch the Services App and locate the Tomcat service. Right-click on the service name and choose the Start option.

Install Folder

Double-click on the Tomcat exe file to start the server. Tomcat.exe file would be installed under the bin folder.

For example:

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat <version number>\bin

Start Menu

We can also start the server from the Start menu.

Start >> Tomcat start menu folder >> Configure Tomcat >> Choose the General tab and click on the Start button to start the server.

The Tomcat Service Manager will attempt to start the server.



When we start the Tomcat server it will by default listen to the connection on the HTTP port 8080. To verify the server start, we can launch the web browser and type the following address in the browser address bar.





The Tomcat web page should be displayed. The default Tomcat http connector port is configured in the server.xml file. We can find the file in the conf folder under the Tomcat home directory.


<!– A “Connector” represents an endpoint by which requests are received
and responses are returned. Documentation at :
HTTP Connector: /docs/config/http.html
AJP Connector: /docs/config/ajp.html
Define a non-SSL/TLS HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080
<Connector port=”8080″ protocol=”HTTP/1.1″ connectionTimeout=”20000″ redirectPort=”8443″/>

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