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Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL


Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL is an advanced database software tool that helps you analyze and troubleshoot the performance and health of your MySQL database. It is a forensic software to analyze MySQL Logs, Redo Logs, Binary Logs, and General Log of MySQL Log Files.

A log analyzer is a software tool that helps database administrators(DBAs) and developers analyze the log files generated by the MySQL database. MySQL log files contain valuable information about the activities and events that occur within the database, and analyzing these logs can be crucial for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing database performance.

Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL

The tool can perform detailed analysis of log file transactions of MySQL Server database. The software analyzes the forensic details of Redo, General, and Binary logs to find anomalies in the MySQL database. It helps you preview transaction type (insert, delete, & update), transaction time, transaction name, table name, and query.

Performs forensic analysis of Redo, General, and Binary file logs
Supports recovery of deleted transaction records
Supports MySQL 8.x, 6.x, and 5.x

Key Features

It can parse and visualize the MySQL error log, slow query log, general query log, and binary log files, and provide you with valuable insights into the behavior and performance of your database.

Some of the key features of Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL tool are as follows:


Extracts and Analyzes MySQL Logs

The Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL simplifies the analysis of log files from a MySQL server database to help users investigate and audit any suspicious activity. The software can analyze different types of logs, including Redo Logs, General Query Logs, and Binary Logs. Once diagnosed, the software can save Log Data and Log Transactions in a readable format, making it easier for users to research and analyze these log files. This powerful tool helps users uncover evidence of any suspicious activity in their database system.

Select Logs from Different Locations

With this Log Analyzer tool, you can choose General and Binary files from a location other than the Redo file location. By default, MySQL database Redo files are created and saved in a specific location. However, you can start creating General and Binary Logs by using a command. To select the desired database, users can browse through different locations, as long as they provide a root folder that contains at least one database and ib_logfile for that database.

Preview Log Records

The Log Analyzer presents a tree-view structure that previews MySQL log files’ databases and tables. To view a specific table’s content, select it. It also enables you to see the complete transactions and log details of any MySQL Log file. You can view Transaction Type, Transaction Name, Transaction Time, Query, and other transaction details. Before saving the log tables data and log transactions, you can choose and preview the Transaction Type – Insert, Delete, Update.


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