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TestLink Introduction

TestLink Introduction

TestLink is a web-based open-source Test management Tool. QA teams can manage Software Requirements, Test cases, organize them as Test Plans and Test Suites, and manage Test execution results. Using TestLink, testers can execute test cases and track test results dynamically.

TestLink is released under the GNU General Public License v2.0 (GPL v2.0). The GNU GPL license is widely used free license and has a copyleft requirement. When distributing derived or modified source code, it must be made available under the same license.

TestLink Versions

TestLink current version is 1.9.x. The upcoming version of TestLink software would be from 2.x

TestLink REST API latest version is v3.

TestLink Login Page

Sample TestLink UX

Create Project TestLink Page:

Teams can create projects and enable the enhanced features to track all the test efforts.

TestLink supports many browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge browser etc.

TestLink Features

TestLink enables QA teams to create and manage the Testcases as well as to organize them into Test plans.

TestLink forms as a repository for test cases and requirements, and relates these to builds, platforms, and testers.

Testcase Allocation: We can allocate tests to testers to carry out the execution and record the Test results.

TestLink helps you to keep the test process under control.
Test reports: A wide variety of reports provide information on what has been done and what still needs to be done.


Getting Started with TestLink

There are several ways to download and install TestLink tool. Check TestLink pre-install requirements to install the tool from scratch.


TestLink Tutorials

TestLink Tutorial on this website can be found at:


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