install apache http server linux
Introduction In this tutorial, we will learn the steps to install an Apache HTTP web server on Ubuntu Linux machine. Apache is an open-source web server to create your own websites. Let's get started. Install Apache Open a command shell a.k.a Terminal window. Issue the following command to install Apache ...
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Introduction On this page, we will learn to enable MySQL extensions in PHP for the TestLink application. If we are configuring and installing the TestLink application manually, we need to enable MySQL in the PHP configuration. Error Indication Warning! Your PHP installation don't have the mysql extension mysql- without it ...
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MySQL Database Configuration
Introduction MySQL TestLink Database Configuration is to define the database instance to be used by the TestLink application. We can define it during the TestLink installation process. Database Details We can define the database instance details to store in TestLink data.
  • Database Type
  • Database Host
  • Database Name
  • Table Prefix
  • ...
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Introduction On this page, we will learn steps to set up the TestLink dev instance cloned from GitHub Repository. GitHub Repository Launch GitHub Testlink Repository URL. Click on the Clone or Download green button. Grab the .git clone URL. Clone Clone the GitHub TestLink Repository on to the local ...
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TestLink API Architecture
Introduction TestLink API lets to communicate with TestLink and allows you to perform internal actions without login to the TestLink web UI. You can make use of the API to communicate with TestLink using XML-RPC or REST API. Pre-requisites Install TestLink Instance Windows Linux To execute TestLink Rest ...
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