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Uninstall IntelliJ IDEA on Windows 11


In this tutorial, we will learn the steps to uninstall IntelliJ IDEA IDE on Windows 11 operating system. Proper uninstall will remove the installation files and other settings gracefully.


Steps to uninstall the IntelliJ software are as follows:



Select the IntelliJ IDEA application and click on the Uninstall link.

We can change the display icons view by clicking on the drop-down beside the help icon.

For example to Small, Medium, Large icons, List, Tiles or Detail content, etc.


For clean uninstall select the checkboxes options to delete caches and local history, settings, and installed plugins.

In case, you are planning to reinstall again, you can leave these options unchecked.

Optionally, you can share the uninstall feedback with the organization.

Click on the Uninstall button. This will uninstall the application and delete all the install files and settings.



Click on the Close button to complete the Uninstall process. Save your work and restart the machine.

That’s it. We have successfully uninstalled IntelliJ IDEA IDE on the Windows 11 machine.
We can reinstall the tool and follow the install process.

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