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Octave Command line on Ubuntu


On this page, we will learn how to use Octave from the command line without the GUI window. Sometimes, it’s handy to use the command line to run commands instead of the Octave GUI.

How to launch

To launch Octave, open the Terminal window and Type Octave.


Sample Commands

To display Hello World, we can use the disp() function.

For example, to display a string

octave> disp(‘;

Clear command output:

We can type the clc command to clear the previous command’s output on the command window.

Run plot command

We can even run the plot commands from the command line. For example, to display the sombrero hat we can run the following command.




Exit Octave

We can use the exit command to exit the Octave command line. The regular terminal prompt would appear on the screen.

Octave Tutorials

Octave Tutorial on this website can be found at:

More information on Octave can be found on the official website:

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