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Bug Severity and Bug Priority


This tutorial, will teach you Bug severity and Bug priority w.r.t Mantis bug reporting tool. When we report bug or issue in the tool, we can notice two fields Severity and Priority. These fields are important for the issue.

Bug Severity

Bug Severity is an attribute of a bug that indicates how severe the issue is on the system functionality. The tester can choose from the drop-down list and classify the severity of the issue. We can take a clue from the importance of the testcase that was executed or the functionality that’s broken due to the bug.

Bug severity classification

In Mantis bug tracking tool the default classification of bug severity levels are as follows:



Feature is like enhancement request to the dev team. Features and enhancements are things that are not yet implemented by the development team.

If the issue is cosmetic we can mark the bug as trivial. Mark the bug as minor if minor functionality of the application is broken. Mark the bug as major if major functionality of the application issue is broken. IF the application crashes mark the issue as crash severity.

Some issues can block the further testing and activities of the tester/ testing team. Mark these kind of issues as blocker/ show stoppers.

Bug Priority

Bug Priority is an attribute of a bug that indicates how fast the development team should react to the issue and fix the issue.   The default Bug priority levels in Mantis bug tool are as follows:

Generally, Urgent and Immediate issues need faster resolution.


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