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Mantis Bug Tracker Tutorial


This page contains links to Mantis Bug Tracker Tutorial on this website.

About MantisBT

MantisBT is an open-source bug/issue tracking system. MantisBT source code is hosted on GitHub. The tool is a web-based bug tracking system. It was first released in November 2000. Over time it has gained a lot of popularity, and now it has become one of the most popular open-source bug/issue tracking systems.


MantisBT is written in PHP scripting language and works with MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.

MantisBT is released under the GNU GPL license (General Public License). MantisBT is free to use and modify.

Name and Logo

Mantis are insects that feed on other insects/bugs. They are desirable in agriculture as they eat other insects that feed on crops and destroy them. The BT suffix stands for Bug Tracker.

MantisBT plugins allow the extension of MantisBT functionality. Some plugins are officially maintained by the MantisBT team. Some are third-party plugins. We can browse all the available plugins here:

MantisBT also provides a mobile interface for iPhone, Android Phones to access the tool on the phone.



Tool Features

Download & Install

New User Account

Create New Project

Add New User

Report an Issue

Issue LifeCycle

Bug Severity & Priority

Mantis Configuration

Create Custom Field

Access Levels

API Token


Create Issue using API call



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