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Cumulative Update for Windows 11


In this post, we will learn the steps to download and install Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version operating system. Windows 11 cumulative updates will be rolled out using the Windows Update service.

Windows update is a background service to download and install operating system updates. It uses a background intelligent service to download the updates automatically when the network bandwidth is idle. Having said that, Windows user can probe the download of the updates from the Windows Update screen.

Download Updates



Install Updates

Once the updates are downloaded and available to install, Click on the Install now button.


Restart machine

Make sure the Windows 11 device is plugged in to power supply. Save important unsaved work on the machine.

Click on the Restart now button to complete the Cumulative Update for Windows 11 version.



Alternatively, we can schedule the updates. To schedule click on the Schedule the restart link. Give appropriate time to restart the Windows 11 machine.

Update Notification

Advanced Options

Click on Advanced Options to set other options for the Updates.


Update History

We can check all the Cumulative updates in the Update History screen.

Windows Update >> Update History 

Each update has a short description and a Learn more Link. Click on the Learn more link to know more about the update.

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