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Windows 11 Tutorials

Windows 11 Tutorials Page

Windows 11 is the most recent version of the operating system from Microsoft. Officially, it will be released end of this year.  

Windows 11 brings a new Windows experience making you closer to the people and things you love. Windows 11 will be a free upgrade to legitimate and eligible Windows 10 PC users.

How to get Windows 11?

Buy new device

Buy new Windows 11 device with factory install.

Free Upgrade

Free upgrade for existing Windows 10 PC customers. Upgrading to Windows 11 is seamless. It will download automatically without interruptions.


Windows 11 PC Requirements

Many PCs that run Windows 10 will be capable of running Windows 11.

Check PC eligibility


Early Hands-On

Microsoft runs a Windows Insider program for eager community and beta testers to get early hands-on to Windows 11 preview builds. 

Install Windows 11 Preview build on Virtual Machine

To get Windows 11 Beta Builds

Join Windows Insider Program.

Switch to a Beta or Release Preview channel Windows Insider channel.

Run Windows Update and Update the PC.

Download and Install

Windows 11 New Features

A Glimpse of Windows 11 Features

Get Started with Windows 11

File Explorer

Desktop Themes

Steps to install a new desktop theme

Virtual Desktops

Organize open applications with multiple virtual desktops.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 multi-tasking feature to organize running applications and increase productivity.

Windows 11 Widgets

New Glossy looking Windows 11 widget applications

Microsoft Edge Browser – New Features

Efficiency mode for extended battery life. In this mode, the browser will reduce the CPU and the amount of RAM memory usage on the Windows 11 PC.

Administrative Tools

Windows 11 Administrative tools to help with administrative tasks.

Install Windows 11 Updates

Keep Windows 11 up-to-date.

Ransomware Protection

Protect Windows 11 PC from ransomware malware.

Task Scheduler

Schedule tasks on Windows 11 to run automatically.

Install Popular Software

Install Java on Windows 11

Eclipse IDE

Git Bash

Popular Browsers

Google Chrome

Install Google Chrome on Windows 11

Mozilla Firefox

Install Firebox browser on Windows 11

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