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Windows 11 Desktop

Windows 11 Desktop

In this tutorial, we will learn about the important GUI components of the Windows 11 Desktop: the welcome screen, Windows Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar, etc. The default Windows 11 Desktop Look & Feel. Some of the main components of the Desktop are

Start Menu

The new Search menu is in the center by default. It consists of the following items:



The search window allows us to search for files, documents, applications, etc. Search Filters allow us to narrow down the search.


We can Pin the frequently used applications to the Taskbar. For example, we can pin the Web browser application, IDEs like IntelliJ and Eclipse to the Taskbar.

The taskbar includes the following items:


Systray is the short form of System Tray. Applications place icons in the Systray area to indicate the status for the user. User can click the Systray icons to know the status or control the the operation. For example, Battery status, Audio volume control, Network and Wi-Fi settings, etc.

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