IntelliJ IDE Tutorials

IntelliJ IDEA is a flagship IDE tool from JetBrains. IntelliJ IDE is an awesome and feature packed IDE for Java, Kotlin, Scala development. IntelliJ Platform is open-source platform to build IDEs. The popular Android Studio IDE is powered by IntelliJ IDE platform.


IntelliJ IDE ships in two editions.

  • Community Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

The Community Edition is free and open-source. The Ultimate Edition is the commercial edition with more features and is best suited for Enterprise Application development.

Download & Install

IntelliJ IDE is cross platform can can be installed on many supported operating systems.

Install IntelliJ IDE on Windows 10:

Install IntelliJ IDE on Windows 11:


IDE Features

Learn Community Edition IDE Features:

Create New Project

Steps to create a new project in IntelliJ IDEA

Hello World Application

Start learning the IDE by running a simple  “Hello world!” Java Application using IntelliJ IDE.


Learn a step-to-step guide to install necessary and related plugins on your IntelliJ IDE.

Maven Project

Create Maven Project in IntelliJ IDE


More Information on IntelliJ IDE:

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