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Introduction to ERP Software(Enterprise Resource Planning)


ERP software stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software. ERP is a type of software that provides an end-to-end information management solution for an enterprise or the company. ERP software can be categorized as OLTP software.( Online Transaction Processing)

The ERP software can be used by all departments of the enterprise to manage the information. ERP software integrates all departments and areas of operations in the organization. For example,


ERP Modules

ERP modules determine which features are available in the ERP software. An ERP software is modular with multiple modules. It consists of multiple modules that are connected and integrated to each other. Each module is focused on one area of business processes.

Modules could be individually purchased based on the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Some modules require permissions to be granted to users after activating the module.

ERP Software

Oracle Corporation

Open source

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