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RAPTOR Examples

RAPTOR Examples

Let’s look at some RAPTOR Examples on this page.

RAPTOR is a flowchart tool for visualizing an algorithm. It enables programming students or beginners to visualize the problem and develop problem-solving skills. Raptor flowchart examples using the RAPTOR flowchart tool. RAPTOR is an acronym for Rapid Algorithmic Prototyping Tool for Ordered Reasoning. The flowchart tool is developed using the C# and A# programming languages.


1️⃣Hello World Flowchart

RAPTOR flowchart to print Hello World string on the console.

2️⃣Add two numbers

RAPTOR flowchart example to add two given numbers and print the sum.

3️⃣Average of two numbers

RAPTOR flowchart example to find the average of the two given numbers and print.

4️⃣Even or Odd Example

RAPTOR flowchart to decide whether a given number is even or odd.

5️⃣Feet to Centimeter

RAPTOR flowchart to convert from feet to centimeters.

6️⃣Factorial of a Number

RAPTOR flowchart to find the factorial of a given number.

7️⃣Sum of Squares

8️⃣Die Roll Simulation


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📝Creating Objects

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Raptor Tutorials

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