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C Language Tutorial

C Language Tutorial


C language is one of the most popular programming languages. C Language is a high-level, structured programming language developed by Denis Ritchie in the early 1970s at AT&T Bell Laboratories( Bell Labs).

C Language is generally used for system programming. C has matured over the years since 1970. The purpose of the tutorial is to teach you fundamentals in C programming at an elementary level.

C Language Features

Setup IDE

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software program that manages the process of editing, compiling, linking, running, and debugging C programs.

Code::Blocks IDE

Code::Blocks is an IDE software that allows us to easily manage large C projects edit source code and header files, and compile, link, run, and debug C programs. Code::Blocks is free cross-platform IDE for C/C++ development.


C Compilers

C Comments

C is a case-sensitive programming language. For example, the variable names interestRate and InterestRate are not the same. The variables can hold different values and they point to different memory locations.

C Variables

C Statements

C Input/Output

The C input and output are defined as Standard Input/Output Library functions

C Program Structure

if Statement


for Loop

while Loop


C Functions

C Pointers


Flowchart Tutorials

Flowgorithm is a free flowchart software to build, and execute flowcharts on Windows. Flowgorithm offers flowchart symbols to learn visual programming language.


Example C Programs

C program to print Hello World message on the computer screen.

C program to compute the volume of a given cone. This program demonstrates the C input and output functions.

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