Flowgorithm Exercises

Flowgorithm Exercises that can help students learn different programming concepts using the flowchart software. Most exercises are general so you can try them out with any flowchart tool.

Design a flowchart to input numbers a and b from the user and print:

  • Sum
  • Difference
  • Product
  • Quotient
  • Remainder


Design a flowchart that takes input the user’s name and greets the user.
For example, if the user enters the name John, the flowchart output
will be “Hello, John!


Draw a flowchart to print the sum of the first five positive integers.


A flowchart that takes and stores ten numbers from the user and prints the smallest


Design a flowchart that consists of a user-defined function called

printText(str, n)

The function prints the string n times. The main flowchart takes the string
and the number from the user.