What are the advantages and disadvantages of Selenium?


Let’s have a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Selenium automation tool.


Some of the advantages of Selenium tool are:

  • The mani advantage of Selenium is that it is an open-source tool and free to use.
  • Selenium supports many languages like Java, Python, Ruby, C#, etc.
  • Selenium support multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.
  • Selenium support multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Selenium can be integrated with frameworks and other tools like TestNG, JUnit, JBehave, Cucumber, etc.


Some of the disadvantages of Selenium tool are:

  • Selenium can only be used for Web application automation. Selenium cannot be used to automate desktop applications.
  • Selenium doesn’t have in-built test reporting. We have to rely upon or integrate Maven plugins for test reporting.
  • Selenium being open-source doesn’t have a dedicated support channel for the tool 24/7 like many other licensed automation tools.