On this page, we will learn a flowchart tool called Raptor. Raptor is a simple problem-solving tool that enables students to generate executable flowcharts. Raptor stands for Rapid Algorithmic Prototyping Tool for
Ordered Reasoning. (RAPTOR)




Raptor tool UI



Install Raptor

To install Raptor on Windows follow this link: Install Raptor on Windows.


Build a Flowchart

Building your first simple flow chart: Hello World

Input information and display output are discussed in this post. (Input and Output to a flow chart)

A sample flow chart with Raptor. Follow this tutorial on: how to add two numbers using Raptor.

Validating user input in a flowchart. (Validate user input in flowchart)

How to execute?

Learn how to execute a raptor flow chart:  here

Comments in Flowcharts

Comments add more value to your flowcharts. They make them readable and understandable to others, especially to your teacher.

Learn how to add comments to flowcharts.


Sub charts make the flow charts modular. They help to break down large flow-charts into small manageable charts.

Learn more about Raptor sub-charts.


Learn how to use procedures in a raptor flow chart.

Procedure in a flow chart


Flow chart for mathematical problems.

We can also use raptor flowcharts for mathematical problems like:

finding out Sum of squares of n numbers

Generate source code.

Raptor flowcharts can generate source code too. Follow this link to generate a C++ program from the flow chart. Generate C++ code from raptor flowchart.

Reading files

Reading a File in the Raptor Flowchart


Website of the Raptor flowchart tool: