Raptor Tool Components


On this page, we will go through an overview of the Raptor tool components. Let’s get familiar with the components of Raptor before building a flow chart using the tool. The main components of the Raptor tool are:

Raptor components

  • Workspace Area
  • Menu  Toolbar
  • Symbols area
  • Watch Window
  • Master Console

Workspace Area

The Workspace area is where flowcharts and UML components like classes are built and executed. Initially, this area just contains a Start and End symbols in the main tab.



The Raptor menu consists of several choices that lets user to perform several actions.
Major actions like opening new file, save the flowcharts to the hard disk , run the flow charts


Symbols Area:

Symbols area consists of flowchart symbols that are used in building a flowchart.

Novice/Intermediate Mode

  • Assignment symbol
  • Input symbol
  • Output symbol
  • Call
  • Selection
  • Loop


Object-oriented Mode will have one more symbol

  • Return



More information about RAPTOR flowchart symbols: https://www.testingdocs.com/flowchart-symbols/

Watch & Master Console Windows

Watch windows is used to trace the variable values, objects in the heap memory etc. Watch window is helpful to debug the flowchart.

MasterConsole is used for the flowchart standard output. The output flowchart symbol writes the output to the MasterConsole window.