TestLink Tutorials

TestLink is an open-source, free, web-based Test Management/ Requirements management tool. Test Management refers to activities that manage a project’s software testing process and testing activities. A test management software tool like TestLink will help the software teams manage test cases, requirements, test assignments, test execution, test reports, etc.

Test Project is the basic unit in the TestLink tool. Test Projects could be software projects and products developed by an organization. Test Project includes Requirements, Test Specifications, Test Plans, Builds, Test Reports, and Users.


TestLink Tool Components



Cloud Image

Bitnami offers TestLink cloud images. You can deploy TestLink on the fly without worrying about setting up the required install stack.

Install on Ubuntu Linux

Test Project

Test Plan Management

A Test plan is a systematic approach to testing a system. We can organize testing activity with builds and trace test results.

Requirements & Test Suite

Build Management

Role Management

Platform Management

Platform Management Page

Create New Platform

Assign Platform to Test Case

Delete Platform

Test Reports


Jira TestLink Integration

MantisBT TestLink Integration


TestLink REST API Guide. API Versions, Slim Framework, Sample API calls.

Important Note

TestLink tool has not been updated for more than four years and may no longer be maintained or supported by the application vendor.