TestLink Installation on Windows


In this post, we will look at the TestLink installation procedure on the Windows Platform. In this installation process, we will be using the in-built web installer (a step-by-step installation wizard). The web installer is the default and recommended method of installing TestLink.

TestLink is web-based test management and test execution system. It enables QA teams to create and manage test cases as well as to organize them into Test plans. Using TestLink, testers can execute test cases and track test results dynamically.


TestLink Server Requirements:


WAMP Stack

To install TestLink we need the following components on the WAMP Stack:

Windows Machine.

Apache HTTP Web server


MySQL Database





Alternatively, we can deploy the Bitnami WAMP stack. Bitnami WAMP Stack provides a fully-integrated and ready to run a WAMP environment.


Cloud Image

TestLink application cloud VM image packaged from Bitnami. Using the cloud image we can skip all the steps on this page.




TestLink Setup

There are packages that pack all the necessary dependencies stated above to ease the install process, for example, the XAMPP application package bundle.


Clone TestLink Instance from GitHub

TestLink dev instance cloned from GitHub Repository. (https://www.testingdocs.com/testlink-dev-instance-from-github/)

Steps for Installing TestLink

  • WebServer installation for example Apache.
  • PHP Installation on Windows.
  • Install Database for example MySQL.


  • Load PHP in Web Server.
  • Configure and enable MySQL extensions in PHP.


  • Download and copy TestLink to the Apache server.
  • Start the MySQL server and create a Testlink database.
  • Start the Apache server.

Load Web Installer

Load the Web installer from the browser. ( for example on URL: http://localhost/testlink/install/index.php ) as shown.


TestLink Installation


Click on the New Installation link. I recommended that you read the manual by clicking on the manual link.

Read and Accept the License Agreement.


TestLink Eula Screen



Click Continue to configure the database details. You may need to provide the root credentials and user credentials that have access to the Testlink database.

TestLink setup will setup the database and completes the install procedure.



You can start using TestLink by clicking on the TestLink link as shown in the picture.


TestLink Login Page

TestLink Login Page

Fixing Common Errors