Software Testing Tutorials

This page has links for software testing tutorials on this website. This guide is intended to help beginners understand and practice the basics of software testing. However, remember that practical, hands-on experience and working on real-time projects are crucial to gaining in-depth knowledge.

Introduction to Software Testing

Software Testing Principles

Understand some fundamental principles in this tutorial.

Software Testing Goals

The goals and objectives of software testing are to find bugs, enhance customer satisfaction, prevent bugs, etc. The main objective of the testing process is to reveal defects and evaluate the software’s quality attributes.

Software Bug

A software bug is an error or flaw in a software program that produces undesired, incorrect, or unexpected results.

Software Testing Techniques

Software testing technique is an approach used to test the quality and functionality of the software product. Software testing techniques help to design and execute test cases that cover the requirements of the software product. Software testing techniques also help to identify and fix bugs in the software.


Software Testing Tutorials

Types of Testing

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Testing.

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is a type of Software Testing in which the Manual testers manually execute the application test cases on the software application. There is a lot of manual effort involved in Manual Testing. Testers directly execute test cases without any help from tools.


Software Testing Tutorials

In manual testing, testers execute the test cases manually. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is a type of Software Testing in which an Automated Testing Tool executes the application test cases.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Test Life Cycle

Levels of Software Testing

Software Bug Report

Testing Tools

TestLink Test Management Tool

Mantis Bug Reporting Tool