What is a Use case?


A use case describes the system’s behavior under various conditions as it responds to a request from one of the actors. The actor initiates an interaction with the system to accomplish some goal. Different sequences of behavior can unfold, depending on the particular requests made by the actors and conditions of the requests. The use case collects together those different scenarios.

Use case Template

Use Case ID: This is to identify the the use case
Use Case Name: Short descriptive

Relevant Requirements: Reference to relevant requirements document

Primary Actor: Main entity that initiates the use case

Pre-conditions: Pre conditions or the requirements on the state of the system prior to this use case being valid.

Post-conditions: Post conditions describes the state of the system following the successful completion of this use case. Effects on other systems and actors may also be described in this section.

Basic Flow/Main Scenario: Flow of events:

Alternate Flows: Alternate variations on the use case.
Use cases that have an extends relation with the current use case.

Exceptions: Error conditions that can arise in the use case.

Related Use Cases: Related Use cases can be listed here.