How to create a restore point on Windows 10


In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a restore point on Windows 10 PC. It’s a good idea to create a restore point on the Windows PC. This is helpful to revert to previously created restore points on the event of any failure or any unwanted system changes.

Create a Restore point

Open Search prompt and type ‘Create a restore point’

Click on the Control Panel result ‘Create a restore point’.


Create a Restore point on Windows 10


Turn on System protection

We need to turn on the ‘System protection’ feature for the drives you want to include in the restore point. Let’s create a restore point for C and D drives.

For example :

C: -> operating system files.

D: -> Work related files.

Turn ON System Protection


  • Choose the drive
  • Click on the Configure… button.
  • Select the radio button Turn on system protection
  • Click on Apply and the OK button.


Now Click on the Create… button to create a restore point.

Enter the Name of the restore point. This should help you in the future to revert to this point.

For example: NewLaptopWithAllAppsInstalled

Click on the Create button.

Depending on your machine configuration, this may take a while. Once done we will a confirmation dialog that restore point creation was sucessfull.