What is JDK


JDK stands for Java Development Kit. It is a collection of tools and utilities that are used for developing and running Java applications.

JDK 14 Home Directory

JDK 14 Home Directory


The most important tools are in the bin directory. Some of the tools in the bin directory are:

  • javac
  • java
  • javadoc
  • jar
  • jdb


JDK bin Contents



javac is the Java Compiler. It is used to translate java source to bytecode. Bytecode is the format the Java Interpreter understands to run the java applications.


java is the Java Interpreter. Java Interpreter runs the java applications by reading the Bytecode that the compiler produces.


javadoc is the tool to create HTML documentation files from the Java source code. Java source code is too technical for non-technical users to understand. Java developers can provide JavaDoc comments to describe the source code for others to understand.