Download & Install Postman Chrome App


On this page, we will go through the steps involved to download and install the Postman chrome app. Postman is an API platform development collaboration tool used by many developers around the world. We can use this tool for API testing.

Important Notice

Please note that: Postman Chrome apps would be deprecated. Consider downloading the native Postman app based on the operating system.

For more information:

Postman Chrome deprecated Notice

Steps to Download

Launch the Chrome Browser on the computer.

Search for Postman chrome plugin on Google Search.

Postman Chrome app


On the web store page click on the ‘Add to Chrome’



In the dialog box, click on the ‘Add app’ button.

The app would be downloaded and installed.


Lauch the app

Click on the Apps click to launch the Postman tool.

Optional Signup

We can signup for Postman account on this screen. There are many benefits using the Postman account.


Postman App

The Postman Chrome app UI. Using this screen we can create new API request.

Executing an API request