Mojo Tutorials for Beginners

Modular’s Mojo is a new programming language for AI development. It combines Python’s features and usability with C’s performance, enhancing the language’s capabilities. The resources on this website should give you a solid start in learning the language.

Most of the tutorials are based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Ubuntu is a popular open-source OS based on Debian Linux. It is a community-based Linux distribution with several editions that support various use cases.

Steps to install Ubuntu Linux on PC:

First things first, create a Modular developer account to install the MAX platform and
other tools.

Mojo Tutorials for Beginners


Modular MAX Platform

Modular CLI Tool

Install SDKs

MAX SDK is like a superset of the Mojo SDK.


Mojo Version

To know the MAX platform version:

$ max -v

To know the Mojo version installed on the machine:

$ mojo -version

Mojo Version Command

Write your first Mojo code.

Flow the tutorials to compile and run the Mojo code.

Mojo Playground

Mojo REPL Environment

Learn more. Happy coding!

Modular Official website

Ubuntu official website: