What is Source Control?


Automation engineers use source control to manage and track changes to the automation code. Automation code here refers to automation code like Java automation classes, property files, test reports, 3rd party libraries, etc. There are many source control tools in the market.

Git is one of the most popular source control tools available in the market. Automation engineers should have knowledge of working with this tool. To learn more about Git: https://www.testingdocs.com/git-tutorials/

Source Control benefits


source control using Git

A source control tool offers many benefits for Automation. Some of the benefits of using source control for automation are listed below:

  • Version control
  • Tracking automation code changes
  • Distributed and parallel development
    • ¬†Automation of framework
    • ¬†Automation of Test cases
  • Automation code organization
  • Automation code backup(GitHub repository and local repository copies)
  • Pull requests, code merges and code review made simple


Git tool allows anyone to get started with the automation code and start working with the automation. Simple fork the automation code and start working on it locally.