Appium Tutorials

Appium is an open-source, cross-platform mobile automation tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS/Android and Windows.

Appium Architecture

Appium automation supports Native, Hybrid, and Mobile Web application testing, and you can execute Appium scripts on simulators, emulators and real physical mobile devices.

Install Appium Desktop server

Mobile Automation Setup

Learn how to setup Mobile automation environment. Install the Appium studio eclipse plugin.  Appium Studio allows you to easily develop, execute, analyze, and debug your tests on remote physical devices.

Android Virtual Device

Learn how to create an Android virtual device using the AVD Manager. (AVD stands for Android Virtual Device). Virtual devices allow you to test your application without having to own any physical devices.

Run Appium Tests

Run Appium Tests on a Virtual Machine

We can test mobile applications using real devices or using simulators and emulators and cloud devices.

Cloud Tests

Cloud Testing platforms .Running Appium test on a Cloud Device

Sample Cloud Test


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